It is the way and the type of questions we ask that moves us further. We need synchrony between logic and imagination, thinking in words and thinking in senses to produce powerful insight towards a life we want to live. If you are looking for a virtual tool that will help you open and maintain flow in conversations with your clients, then vibuco is for you!

  • If you need to unpack your thoughts.

  • If you need to help your clients get new ideas, insights or shift in perspective.

  • If you need to support your clients in unpacking their thoughts.

  • If you want to use reflection cards, powerful questions, and metaphors.


Powerful photos

We give you a pool of powerfull photos that will provoke your clients’ imagination.

Powerful questions

We prepared a set of powerfull questions you can use in combination with photos to help your client in changing perspective and unpacking their thoughts.


You can use photos face up to let clients’ intuition lead a thinking process or face down to bring a surprise effect in exercise.

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For who?

Coaches, trainers, facilitators, you. Those who need to deliver virtually their coaching, workshops, brainstorming sessions, team meetings, training. Those who are looking for inspiration.


Initial coaching sessions, during a coaching process when you or your client feel stuck in it, when they need a new perspective, for brainstorming sessions, workshop openings or closing, as an ice-breaker, as an energizer.


Digital coaching tool, with carefully selected examples of coaching exercises. Available any time during your virtual or face to face session. Available in English and Serbian.

Built by professional coaches and their clients

Inspiration for this tool came from everyday collaborations we have with professional coaches. Partnering our clients on their journey as coaches we continuously learn new powerful questions. This tool would not exist without all those great people.
Have you thought about what type of questions you ask yourself? Do you know that successfully leading yourself and others lies in powerful questions you use for your inner dialogues and dialogues with others? Read more on our blog.
Clients background photo

What would others say?

We asked our partners, colleagues, and friends how they see the importance of questions, reflections, metaphors, and synchronicity between imagination and logic for unpacking our thoughts.

A path to a new perspective
As long as we ask ourselves the same questions, we shall get the same kind of answers. Or better said - the same kind of reasoning, explanations and stories. A route to changing perspective on challenging situation starts with new questions. Or better - question with relevant photos 😉
Brankica Ljamić PhD MCC
Brankica Ljamić PhD MCC